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Teeth Whitening


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Teeth whitening clinic has been providing teeth whitening services throughou the UK for over 3 years. With over 47 affiliated branches throughout the UK. We have clinics all around Manchester, Central Manchester, South Manchester, North Manchester we are not far from you where ever you may be in Manchester. For a free information pack, please fill in the form.
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Teeth Whitening Manchester

Teeth Whitening Manchester

Like every teeth whitening facility great care is being taken at the teeth whitening facilities in Manchester. One of the most commonly used methods of teeth whitening in Manchester is the tooth bleaching. It is a non-invasive and one of the most popular treatments among the patients who seek professional help for teeth whitening in Manchester.

The difference is very visible after the treatment; you will see that your smile will “brighten up” considerably. The teeth whitening in Manchester is done using a hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide, more commonly known as bleach, washes away the unwanted stains off your teeth.

The most popular method for teeth whitening in Manchester is the tray system. The tray contains a bleaching solution, in the form of gel. The patients are free to take this tray home and use it as they please. The solution is also not very harmful for the gums since it contains only 10% of the hydrogen peroxide. The most amazing and outstanding feature of this method is that you will only need to apply this tray for only 6-7 nights. They are so easy and comfortable that you won’t even realize that they are there or feel as if there is something foreign in your mouth. The process is quite effective since the results last for around 2-3 years at times. The patients are extremely satisfied with the results and this can be deducted from the fact that most of the customers use the tray after every 6-9 months for one night. This continued use of tray helps in maintaining the desired level of teeth whiteness.

Also, it is recommended that the patients have a sitting with the dentist before the surgery. This sitting is for the best of the patients since the main purpose of this sitting is to talk with the patients about their requirements, expectations and any confusion that they might have. The sittings also provide the patients with a complete set of instruction that they need to follow during the treatment. Also, you can visibly see the difference before and after the treatment with the help of the shade match taken before the start and at the end of the process.

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